About Us


Natureltopia is a Natural Beauty and Haircare brand founded by Najah Abdul-Rahim, a mother of five who found her passion creating clean and safe skin, hair and beauty care products. The formulated products are plant based, eco-friendly, vegan and some of which that are combined with safe naturally derived ingredients that she thoroughly researches before use. With years of researching cosmetic chemistry and formulation, raw natural and naturally derived materials and ingredients, botanical extracts, essential oils, herbs, butters and oils, she taught herself how to formulate natural products.

Having children with different textures of hair Najah wanted to solve the issues of not having a one product line that was clean, effective and formulated with safe ingredients that would work on multiple textures of hair. This was one of the challenges she was facing in her home. Also, all of her children had very sensitive skin and struggled with eczema, different forms of dermatitis, itchy skin and scalp, and sudden breakouts until she stopped buying commercial skin care products and began formulating natural butter and oil blends and began using her all natural whipped body butter blends on her family’s skin.

 The body butter blends are filled with vitamin rich plant butters and oils that protect the integrity of the skin’s delicate barrier, they also condition hair and scalp and cater to the health and wellness of the hair and skin.

Upon witnessing how her products made her family’s skin and hair flourish, she decided it was time to share her knowledge and plant based, effective hair and beauty care products with friends and families everywhere and thus Natureltopia was created.

Our Promise

Natureltopia’s line of skin and haircare products are completely new, one of a kind and full of unique botanical ingredients that nourish and nurture the delicate nature of our hair and skin. From the loosest of waves to the curliest of coils and from dry, sensitive skin to normal, Natureltopia promises to be a brand of integrity and transparency about the products it creates and the ingredients it uses.

Our Products Never Contain 

Parabens , Phthalates, Sulphates, Silicones, Mineral Oils, Petroleum, or Dyes